Herbal Medicine


Marc Ching is a Japanese Herbalist, Marcobiologist, and Philanthropist, known amongst the Hollywood elite as the conduit to transforming faces, bodies, and entire lives. As a holistic practitioner, Marc uses herbs, diet, and homeopathy to cure, heal, and treat a litany of ailments and diseases. The best-kept secret in Los Angeles, Marc has worked privately with tens of thousands of people across the country.

As a local Hawaii native, Marc was born into his vocation taught at a very young age by his grandmother. Through persistent practice and patience, he has learned the science and technique involved in curing disease, beautifying skin, and sculpting bodies.

In addition to his work with people, Marc is the founder of the PetStaurant. An Organic, all natural pet food and wellness company that promotes healing through education and nutrition. Marc uses his knowledge to help thousands of families throughout Los Angeles correctly care for their animals. Many of the dogs and cats he works with are sick, and through dietary changes and herbs he transforms whole lives and families.

As Valia’s founding herbalist, Marc brings Eastern philosophies and practices to the States infusing culture with science and tradition.

A Commitment to Beauty in the State of Becoming:

Marc’s life-long commitment and passion to the practice of holistic healing has allowed him the opportunity to perfect the art of treating and curing internal, external, and mental challenges that affect people in the world we live in today. As one of the top herbalists in the country, Marc has made it his mission to transform people’s lives through his power to heal. With a team of researchers and scientists, he has formulated hundreds of herbal treatments to address every person’s individual needs.

Holistic and herbal medicine is based on a theory that healthy, glowing skin mirrors the health of the whole body. Skin problems are often caused by internal and overall health of the individual including allergies, hormone imbalances, dehydration, fungus and nutrition.

Holistic healing is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately; living better, being healthier, finding balance, and striving for wholeness.

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