Juicing Done Right

Juicing is the new fad, but really – the difference matters in knowing how exactly to juice.

While juicing is beneficial from almost all aspects, knowing what to juice can mean the difference between using juicing to fix and regulate the body, and using juicing just to intake more fruits and vegetables.

At Whole Leaf, our nutritionists and naturopaths use juicing as the basis to most protocols. Why?

Because it not only acts as a multivitamin, but if formulated correctly, people can use the juice they make to regulate digestion, balance glucose, boost immune function, speed up metabolism, and regulate their thyroids.

Juice consisting of mostly green vegetables are truly the most effective, and most beneficial in regards to health benefits. The reason being, juices made up mostly of fruits contain high amounts of fructose – which is the equivalent of sugar. While they taste better than green juices, ingesting high amounts of fruit juice can cause fungal over growths and raise glucose levels.

Juices containing mostly greens are high in vitamins and dense in regards to bioflavonoid activity and antioxidant count. Because they are so rich with vitamins and proactive compounds, making the correct juices can help boost immune function, regulate digestion while acting as a multivitamin ensuring that your body is fully nourished.

Detoxification is something daily that our body should undergo to achieve and maintain ultimate health.

Does detoxing mean clearing out your system by using harsh elements like herbal detoxes or colonics? No. Daily detoxification incorporates using green juice or the blending of green vegetables as a catalyst to purify the body and to push out unwanted reactionary particles.

Why this is beneficial? Because juicing or blending acts as a natural multi vitamin. Furthermore, because it is in its natural state it is that much more absorbed in the gastro intestinal tract. Daily juicing is a great way to cleanse your system and to hydrate your body with vitamins, nutrients, and much needed antioxidants.

Blending, which is juicing but keeping the pulp in is our recommended avenue to daily detoxification. The pulp and fiber inherent in the vegetable works to cleanse the gastro intestinal tract pushing out unwanted reactionary particles. For people trying to lose weight, blending fills you up so you end up eating less. Green juice is very low in sugar and calories.

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