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Cancer now a days seems to be rife and common place within our society. Here at Valia, we believe that much of the disease and ailments that live amongst us is a direct result of what we put into our bodies.

As time progresses and society develops, the foods we eat and consume seem to have become more scientific. Scientific not meaning, the revolutionary break through in health, but instead the continued and exaggerated use of more and more hard to digest additives and ingredients. We believe that it is this, as well as the exposure to harmful pollutants and chemicals, that has become the main impetus and catalyst behind why so many people now days are struggling with disease.

Your immune system is designed to recognize and destroy abnormal cells. But in many instances, especially in early stage cancers, the surface markers on cancerous cells are identical to those on normal cells, making it impossible for your immune system to recognize them as a threat.

Although boosting your immune system isn’t an actual treatment for cancer, it’s incredibly important as you fight cancer. Cancer patients are susceptible to infection from the disease, as well as from treatments that destroy white blood cells.

Infection is a huge issue to cancer patients. It is important to do things to boost the immune system and reduce the likelihood of infection.

Cancer is a nutritional/toxic/environmental/emotional condition, which, in a great number of instances, can be successfully reversed through the application of a sound nutritional approach and common-sense lifestyle changes.

Needless to say, there are a variety of supplements that have received favorable press, based on positive study results. Most, however -- and this may be key -- are found to be preventative, more so than curative in nature.

Here are supplements, vitamins, and extracts you may hear about to help boost the immune system:

The culture at Valia and the corner stone of our belief centers on Purity. We believe in pure foods. In trying to be conscious of the things we eat and put into our body. We believe diet comes first. And that the better we are in what we eat, the better we look and feel.

We also believe in supplementation. Using supplements to fill gaps and voids, and to target things about ourselves and things in life we want to change. Most of our products work together in unison to further change and to help our patients target and change specific things about their health and body that they aspire to change.

Just like a painter who uses different colors to achieve composition and new themes. Herbalists and Naturopaths use different herbs, specific minerals, and active full matrix components to achieve similar reactions. Have bloat and stomach pain? Balance, Ultra Flora and Enfusion can work to reduce the discomfort. Dry or blotchy skin? Hydrate, Bloom and Collagen can give you that illumination you are seeking.

Struggling with a severe health issue like cancer, or a battered immune system... enter Envigor.


Valia's full spectrum multi component immune boosting supplement. Formulated as an all in one immune and anti inflammatory herbal supplement perfect for individuals with compromised immune systems.

What Valia has done with Envigor, is to create a multi-spectrum immune strengthening supplement that focuses on reducing cell manipulation and strengthening cell integrity. Infused in each capsule is a mixture of scientifically researched elements and ingredients, many of which are touted and recommended by the American Cancer Society.

Envigor is suitable for everyday immune stimulant needs, but can also be used therapeutically to target specific needs and assist in supplemental therapies.

Key Ingredients:

Essiac Tea - This tea is composed of 4 or more (Sheep Sorrel and Burdock Root) known to kill cancer cells. The other two herbs build the immune system and deal with detox as well as protecting the organs.

ARA-6 (arabinogalactan) - A safe immune enhancing product that is, unlike Echinacea can be recommended for all blood type. ARA-6 is an excellent source of fiber, and it promote good colon health.

Reishi -Has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years to treat liver disorders, high blood pressure, arthritis, and other ailments. In modern times, the available data from human trials, together with evidence from animal studies suggest that Reishi mushroom may have some positive benefits for cancer and liver disease patients.

Pomegranate - There are six compounds in pomegranate that suppress aromatase, a substance in the body that helps produce estrogen. 70% of breast cancers patients need more estrogen to grow in the body, so pomegranate is use as a prime breast cancer blocking super-food. This super-food also has two substances that have the potential to fight colon cancer and diabetes.

Curcumin - Has the ability to modulate genetic activity by destroying cancer cells and by promoting healthy cell function. Curcumin also promote anti-angiogenesis, meaning it helps prevent the development of additional blood supply necessary for cancer cell growth.

Quercitin - A common chemical pigment in the rinds and barks of a wide variety of plants. Quercitin helps to treat different types of cancer, it also help with symptoms of chronic prostatitis (swelling of the prostate gland) and to relieve some of the neurologic complications of diabetes and cancer.

Pine Bark Extract - Come from a maritime pine tree (Pinus Pinaster), which contains natural occurring chemicals called (Proanthocyanidins). Pine bark extract protects against arthritis, allergies complications from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and problems with circulation such as swelling and varicose veins.

Graviola - Extracted can kill certain types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant to particular chemotherapy drugs.

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