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Skin Care Ingredients

Vitamin E

A potent natural antioxidant, Vitamin E helps absorb oxygen into cell tissue and protects skin.


This seed extract from the Japanese grapefruit increases the production of collagen, treats skin irritations, improves skin texture and acts as a natural preservative. It contains a high content of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant and nutrient, Vitamin C plays an essential role in building collagen cells, rejuvenating skin cells and can help retexturize the skin.

Rice Bran Oil

Traditionally used by Japanese women to exfoliate and moisturize, Rice Bran Oil is also rich in antioxidants. It promotes collagen production and helps to maintain smooth, moisturized skin.

Almond Oil

A popular emollient, Almond Oil acts as a natural moisturizer and can help with anti-aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is a strong antioxidant and contains high levels of Vitamin E.

Hato Mugi

Another favorite of Japanese women, Hato Mugi moisturizes the skin and promotes new cell growth, an essential part of healthy skin.


Licorice is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, helps even out skin pigmentation and works as a brightener.

Aloe Vera

A natural moisturizer that has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to accelerate skin cell growth.

Papain Enzyme

Extracted from the papaya tree, this enzyme provides gentle exfoliation, encourages healing and can even help clear up occasional acne.

Green Tea

Green Tea is the number one protector from environmental toxins. Twenty times stronger in antioxidants than Vitamin E, it helps prevent skin cell damage caused by sun exposure and pollution. It also encourages moisture retention and can enhance skin cell rejuvenation.


This natural compound is found in olive, palm and wheat germ oil and is used in most skincare products. It acts as a moisturizer, emollient and powerful anti-oxidant.

Sesame Seeds

Enhance the burning of fat by increasing the activity of several liver enzymes that breaks down fatty acids.

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