Our Science

Dating back more than 3,000 years ago, Japanese people have practiced holistic healing using plants and herbs to treat both illnesses and diseases. It is these traditional remedies that Valia’s philosophy is based on. Utilizing natural ingredients backed by science, Valia ensures optimal effectiveness to combat the stresses caused by modern day society and the biological aging process.

Healthy skin has the miraculous ability to regenerate itself every 28 days. As we age, this process slows down due to internal and external influences. Inflammation is a normal, short-term natural immune response in which the body releases immune cells to counteract infection and heal trauma.

In a healthy body, this response turns off on its own. If it stays active, immune cells will remain in circulation and can damage healthy cell functions like natural skin rejuvenation and turnover, thus resulting in aging skin.

Valia Skin Care products center on preserving skin cell structure, and strengthening cell integrity. Two vital components necessary for people trying to retain youth and defy the natural aging process.

Our supplements center on boosting the immune system, weight management and optimum health. Making our dietary supplement part of our philosophy - Change & Beauty starts from within, Infusing our products with extracts rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and minerals. Centering on preventative care, and wellness maintenance. The thing we should be most afraid of is what we cannot see. Valia's supplement is free from gluten, soy, synthetic colors, flavors and sugars. Protecting cells and encouraging healthy fat cell metabolization.

To address aging skin, we turn to the source to cellular; where aging happens. We start off, helping in this area by using - natural impact ingredients to address the deepest layers of the skin. Aging slows down everything, including our skin and ultraviolet light doesn't help any.

We can't stop aging from happening but through our science, and using natural active ingredients; our products is infused to help recharge, repair and skins radiance and energize. Our extracts is worldly source but emphasize some core Japanese elements.

Yuzu* (3 times more powerful then lemon (150mg of vitamin C)) (Activate cell and fat burning effect) (Flavonoids: Antioxidant activity) (Rejuvenate maturing skin)

Hatomuji* (Natural Plant extract (Coix Seed )) (Provides ample moisture to the skin) (Soothes the skin after sunburn)

Green Tea* (Antioxidant, helps block harmful enzyme) (Tone and moisturizes dry skin) (Safeguard against Sunburns) (Improve complexion)

Rice Bran Oil* Improve skin's elasticity (Rich in Vitamin E & fatty acids) (Deeply penetrate into skin layers, nourishing from within) (Boost skin natural regeneration process) (Renew & Improve skin surface) (Vitamins & Antioxidant, slowing down and preventing aging process)

EXCEPTIONAL BENEFITS Infused to help restore and energize the skin naturally. Gently restoring the skin to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and less lines. Our active ingredient work to keep skin looking firmer, plump and revitalizing. Naturally refreshing to help the skin moisturize.

At Valia we combine proprietary sought from the purest place on earth to formulate our ingredients, plus some of the most advanced technology. Inspired by natural beauty, something that is at the center of Japanese aesthetics. Keeping attuned to the appearance, character and life of natural things.

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