Our Story

“The foundation of Valia is not just about what you put on your skin. It’s about living your best life.”

A note from Mario Kimball co-founder

While living in Japan, I discovered the benefits of living a traditionally healthy and conscious lifestyle – something I wouldn’t have been exposed to in America. I developed an appreciation for the things I value today – healthy eating, nature, sustainability, tradition and a Zen lifestyle. At times, I felt more at home there than I’ve ever felt anywhere else. A big part of me will always be Japanese at heart. This is why I want to share all the reasons I love the land of the rising sun.

Elegant Language

Japanese is a beautiful language; it was the first thing that attracted me to the country. I find its sound much softer than a lot of other Asian languages. It feels good to say the word “agreements” because the sounds are not only easy to pronounce, but quite beautiful in their simplicity. The writing system, although difficult to learn, is beautiful in its complexity.

The Japanese language has many elegant words and expressions that are just about impossible to translate into perfect English. One of my favorites is the word “natsukashii.” It describes a feeling of nostalgia - of missing something or just looking back on it with fond memories. For example, when you look at old pictures of a much younger you wearing a (now) silly looking outfit you’d completely forgotten you had while hanging out with people you haven’t seen in ages – that’s natsukashii. And now, since I’ve been back in the states, I can say that Japan is natsukashii to me.

Unique Traditions

Japan has wonderful traditions that just can’t be found in America. There are many ceremonies and art forms that really help you relax and appreciate the beauty of the simple things in life. There’s nothing like the Japanese tea ceremony, or the art of putting on a kimono. Japanese calligraphy is one of my favorite art forms, as is the bonsai. All the Festivals, like Hakata Gion Yamakasa and the Hanabi firework shows in the summertime, really capture the spirit of Japanese culture. I feel natsukashii just thinking about it now. You really have to experience these things yourself to appreciate them; I highly recommend you try them out if you ever get the chance.

Naturally Healthy Food

Japan’s healthy foods and diets give the country one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Some western doctors will recommend a Japanese-style diet to prevent health issues like heart problems. But Japanese food isn’t just healthy, it also tastes great! I always felt more satisfied and energized after a Japanese meal than after eating conventional fast food.

Through conscious living, I met my wife, Takako, in Tokyo. In our efforts to share our best life principals and values, we decided to establish a company focusing on creating vibrant skin and optimum health through Japanese ingredients. We turned to alternative substances like enzymes and use only a minimal amount of chemical agents. Implementing biotechnology and green chemistry are just two ways that we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products. We live our best life by bringing our love of Japan’s traditions to you.

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